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When Schools Shut Down, Oregon Contractors' Computers Started Up

by Kacie Goff on 2020-04-03 10:53am

  The coronavirus pandemic has hit the Pacific Northwest particularly hard We were one of the first parts of the country to realize the scale and severity of the current situation, and we’ve been shifting to keep ourselves and each other safe ever since...

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Building the Future of Future Building

by Brian P. Murphy, J.D. on 2018-05-25 1:30pm

Image: World Economic Forum   Pictured above: It is estimated that by 2050, two-thirds of the world will live in cities While many urban centres face a shortage of land space prohibiting urban "sprawl," they may elect, instead, to build upwards to accommodate both residential and commercial space...

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Moving Up or Moving Out: Building Construction and Urban Sprawl

by Joel Harper on 2018-03-21 8:38am

Many natural resources are diminishing This is an increasing concern as populations continue to grow...

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Steeling Oregon’s Construction Jobs (A Tariff-ically Bad Idea)

by Peter Quince on 2018-03-07 10:46am

March 1, 2018; News flash: “In a hastily arranged meeting with industry executives that stunned many inside the West Wing...

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Building America, or Corporate Bottom Lines?

by Elisa Meyer on 2018-02-06 3:49pm

Flickr Oregon is experiencing a building boom Specifically, Portland is exploding, although it’s not the only area...

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