8 Hour CCB BEST. Rainwater Harvesting. & Micro Homes

  • 8 Hour Course
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This package will satisfy the 8 hours of continuing education required by the Oregon CCB. Students must still obtain 3 hours of CE on Business Laws & Regulations directly from the CCB. This package includes:

  • BEST
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Micro Houses

The Building Envelope Shell Training course will cover the major objective of this system, as well as the physical components, and causes and remedies for a system's failure.

Rainwater harvesting will address the principles of building a rainwater harvesting system particular to Oregon.

Micro Houses will instruct you in the principles and regulations involved in these small homes, and guide you through the steps of building them. Instruction includes the incorporation of shipping containers into homes.

  • Course ID(s): SRA0027B, SRA0206B, SRA0212B
  • Approved By: State of Oregon: Construction Contractors Board

Instructor Bio

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Mike Melvin, owner of At Your Pace Online, LLC, is the instructor and industry expert for Oregon Contractor Training (CCB) courses. Mike has owned, operated, and worked for numerous construction companies. Mike's relevant construction experience includes framing, concrete construction, foundations, and roofing. As the current owner and CCB-approved lead instructor for, he teaches multiple courses pertaining to construction and business. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Mike combines his proven understanding of teaching online education with the practical and academic industry knowledge needed by Oregon Contractors to allow them to complete their courses and get back to the job site.

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299 Reviews