8 Hour Building Code Course


8 Hour Course

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Approved By: State of Oregon: Construction Contractors Board

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This continuing education course for Oregon contractors consists of eight hours of instruction on the Oregon Residential Specialty Code.

Before going into the Code, the course starts out with a brief explanation of the meaning of terms commonly found in regulatory language.

The course starts out with an examination of administrative issues contained in Chapter One including duties and powers of a building official, permit requirements, and prohibited acts.

The course will then discuss how the code regulates swimming pools and hot tubs.

From there, the course will look at newly added definitions.

Then, the course will talk about building planning with an emphasis on fire-resistant construction of townhouses. The course will also tackle other building planning topics including smoke alarms, use of plastics, moisture control, accessibility, wildfire hazard mitigation, and elevators and platform lifts.

Next, the course will explore the Code’s regulation of structural issues, specifically, foundations, floors, and the building exterior.

The course will then cover portions of the chapter of the Code that deals with energy efficiency.

After that, the course will address Chapter 13 and mechanical system requirements.

Then, the course will examine portions of Chapters 15, 16, and 18. These chapters contain the regulations that govern exhaust systems, duct systems, and chimneys and vents.

The course, next, takes a look at the regulation of engine and gas turbine-powered equipment and small ceramic kilns.

From there, the course will talk about solar energy systems.

Then, the course will cover regulation of fuel gas and low-rise apartments.

The course will then look at three of the appendices to the Code. Specifically, the course will address Appendix F, which is concerned with radon control methods, Appendix R, which governs light straw-clay construction, and Appendix S, which governs strawbale construction.

The course will end by briefly discussing the CCB complaint process.

  • Module 1
    • CCB 8 hour Building Codes Course [27 Activities]
      • 01. Quick Primer on Legal Language for Contractors
      • 02. Chapter 1: Scope and Administration R101 Through R108
      • 03. Chapter 1: Scope and Administration - R109 through R115 and R117 through R119
      • 04. Chapter 1 - Scope and Administration - R116 and Appendix G
      • 05. Chapter 2 - Definitions
      • 06. Chapter 3 - Building Planning
      • 07. Chapter 3 - Section R302 - Fire-Resistant Construction, Continued
      • 08. Chapter 3 - Building Planning - Sections R302, R303, R311, R314 through R316, and R118
      • View Additional Activities
        • 09. Chapter 3 - Building Planning - Sections R320, R321, R327, and R328
        • 10. Chapter 4 - Foundations
        • 11. Chapter 5 - Floors
        • 12. Chapter 7 - Wall Covering
        • 13. Chapter 11: Energy Efficiency Energy Conservation - Section N1101 through N1103
        • 14. Chapter 11: Energy Efficiency Energy Conservation - Section N1104 through N1018
        • 15. Chapter 11: Energy Efficiency - Alternative Systems Analysis
        • 16. Chapter 11: Energy Efficiency Fenestration Standard
        • 17. Chapter 13 - General Mechanical System Requirements
        • 18. Chapter 15 - Exhaust Systems
        • 19. Chapter 16 - Duct Systems
        • 20. Chapter 18 - Chimneys and Vents
        • 21. Chapter 19 and Chapter 20
        • 22. Chapter 23 - Solar Energy Systems
        • 23. Chapter 24 and Chapter 43
        • 24. Appendix F - Radon Control Methods
        • 25. Appendix R - Light Straw-Clay Construction
        • 26. Appendix S - Strawbale Construction
        • 27. Complaints and the CCB
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Achievement

Instructor Bio

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Mike Melvin, owner of At Your Pace Online, LLC, is the instructor and industry expert for Oregon Contractor Training (CCB) courses. In addition to his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Ottawa University, Kansas, Mike has owned, operated, and worked for numerous construction companies. Mike's relevant construction experience includes framing, concrete construction, foundations, and roofing. As the current owner and CCB-approved lead instructor for CCBLicense.com, he teaches multiple courses pertaining to construction and business. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Mike combines his proven understanding of teaching online education with the practical and academic industry knowledge needed by Oregon Contractors to allow them to complete their courses and get back to the job site.

Course Reviews

May 4th, 2019
Brief, concise, informative. Well done.

March 28th, 2019
Easy to follow. Great material. Learned additional and useful information.

January 18th, 2019
Audio For the whole class would be nice. Thank you..

September 16th, 2019
This was good information

July 18th, 2019
I very much appreciate the new information

May 19th, 2019
It was a comprehensive course.

April 15th, 2019
The Heating Specialist is an HVAC Company. Some of the Building codes deal with topics we will never utilize.

February 26th, 2019
Lots of info, great course. Could use a couple videos to make it easier than having to read through all that info

January 13th, 2019
Would be nice to have narrative in some of the slides. Dry but otherwise good material.

August 16th, 2019
There were multiple errors on units and conversions.

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