8 Hour 2021 ORSC & 2018 IRC Building Code Course

  • 8 Hour Course
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This course was created to give Oregon contractors 8 hours of optional code update training. It will cover a wide selection of the significant changes made for the 2018 edition of the IRC.

  • With a focus on improving code and industry flexibility, a variety of alternate methods have been added throughout the code.
  • The standing first rule of “Safety First” has inspired numerous changes to improve the safety of both consumers and industry professionals.

The building industry is always changing. This class pays specific attention to:

  • the increasing popularity of tiny houses, and
  • the alternative energy options offered by Solar Energy Systems.

The class will move through the code changes chapter-by-chapter. While changes have been made throughout the code, this class narrows that material, keeping cross-chapter changes and omitting less significant code for the sake of brevity.


  • Approved By: State of Oregon: Construction Contractors Board

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